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Well, When I first started this school I was not happy with the financial aid and how it is handled. This has not changed. I would warn anyone that is dependent on student loans and aids NOT to go to this school!! You will wait months for a check and 3-5 month gaps between checks. Choosing this school has cost me my credit and constant stress. Errors like not checking their emails for corrections or responses needed will cost you added months of wait. Ive been there for a year now and nothing is better. Oh, and don't question a grade or ask... Read more

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If you want to be a paralegal or legal assistant don't go to this school. This school's assignments will not prepare you for what will be expected of you in real legal position. The professors are great but the assignments do not teach the rigorous writing skills one needs, which must be in accordance with procedural rules and pursuant to substantive law. This school also has a grading rubric for assignments which it does not follow. If you appeal a grade, the appeal isn't based on the given rubric but the reviewer's "discretion", as... Read more

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I was looking to attend graduate school and that's where I discovered National Paralegal University. After providing my credentials and proving how I wanted to go graduate school, a representative gave me the go to enroll as a special admitted student. I applied, got admitted, and was excited to start. Here were it all goes down. Everyone I spoke to on the phone from admissions, associates, to the whole staff seemed like they were uneducated and slow. OMG! I was so surprised and frustrated. It almost sounded like I was talking to a high school... Read more

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I sometimes wonder while reading reviews if any are genuine, both the good and the bad. For what it's worth, I'm not an employee or a paid mule, so I'm being completely honest. I've also been frustrated with this institution. I have been a student at NPC since September 2013. I am working on a BS in Legal Studies. No, it's not regionally accredited, but it is nationally. The Board of Education recognizes it as a legitimate school. Yes, sometimes the staff can be abrupt, but point me to any college/university with an entire staff of bubbly and... Read more

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With everything i have just read about this school, i think i will take my education elsewhere Add comment

This school is great other than its financial aid department. The financial aid department is unorganized, unprofessional and not friendly or courteous at all. They will make you feel like you are bothering them when trying to ask a question and if you are trying to track the status of your financial aid they will tell you something different every time you call so they can buy time and drag the process out as long as possible. They will drag it out for 3 months telling you something new each time. The people working in the financial aid... Read more

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I am a student at National Paralegal College and I could not be happier or feel better about any other choice. They have excellent professors and the course material is laid out in an easy to follow method. Also they offer great student support and the web site is easy to get around on. They also provide a membership to lexis nexis legal site which is great. They answer any questions, offer student mentors and have all the contacts you could need. They also have it set up so that the professor teaching the class does not grade your work or... Read more

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I am currently a student in NPC and they have been very supportive and quick to respond to any issues. However, I do have a problem with the fact it takes more than 30 days after starting class to even see loans and disbursements, which I haven't gotten yet and it's been 28 days for me, and you won't see money for almost 2 months, which is not the norm for other schools. Most post in a week after starting classes so I am questioning my choice joining this school. Read more

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I withdrew almost three months ago and had a credit on my account. I called and was told that it takes 45 days to reconcile the ledger. I have yet to receive anything from them at all. Then they give me a call and tell me to call them today regarding a balance on my account. They will not receive a penny from me. I will not give them a call back, instead I am looking to file with someone about the way they trick their students to sign up and then they take the money and have excuses with giving it back Read more

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This school is overpriced and is not regionally accredited. Most schools will not take any credits that you have earned. Please check to be sure before you start this school. They will not tell you. They are quick to take your money, but will not do anything else that will benefit you. I withdrew almost two months ago. I have a credit on my ledger, however, I have yet to receive any money back. They told me it takes 45 days to reconcile the ledger. We are going on almost two months now. This is ridiculous. I am going further with my complaint. Read more

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