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After sending my papers by email and applying on their website, they never got back to me, they never informed why I was not accepted in their school. The Admission lady wrote me an email once just to tell me she had received my paperwork and she would allow me to start the program, however that was it, after I emailed her back I got no response. They need to hire more professional people in... Read more

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I have been attending NPC for over a year now and have learned so much in that time period. The professors are all wondeful teachers and are willing to go the extra mile to help you. They offer to stay after class for anyone with questions, are very easily accessible and they provide you with study halls for students having trouble. They also assign you a mentor who is always willing to help... Read more

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I have read these complaints against National Paralegal College and honestly can not believe it.----The financial dept at NPC is wonderful. They do send out award letters and do respond to their students requests and are always willing to explain things to you . They are very helpful and are always there for you. The professors and mentors at this facility are absolutely out of this world. ... Read more

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I have had nothing but the best experiences so far while attending this college. The staff is always very receptive and helpful. The professors are all very knowledgeable and super. Their weekly lectures are informative and really help you understand the material covered for each section of each course. The mentors are a Godsend. You prepare a draft of your assignment and send it to them so... Read more

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I was told back in May that i was fully funded and not to worry lets get you signed up for classes they said! well now its June I'm in my 3rd class and i get a letter saying i owe 1150.00 for 8 classes. I call and they say i have to pay it or drop out then when i drop out the pell grant will not cover and i will owe them money also. I'm thinking of turning it in to FASFA. NOt sure how it needs to... Read more

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National Paralegal College provides students with old information, they provide the students with answers to quizzes and given award points for spelling your name on an assignment. I want to learn but this school will sell you a diploma not an education! The education they provide is worthless and you'll be unemployable. What a joke this school is! A degree from National Paralegal college is the... Read more

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This school has an incompetent financial aid department, and I can only assume the dean/directors are too. They change their procedures on dispursing funds to students multiple times throughout the year. Just when the time comes around for you to receive your money, something changes and you have to wait. They are currently taking my financial aid to either pre pay for future classes or they are... Read more

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DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL! they give you the run around and ignore your concerns. They don't even send out award letters. The material is outdated. RIP OFF SCAM SCHOOL. Seriously, unless you enjoy being treated horribly, given a third class education and robbed Id advise you to go to any other school. This school ignores you and mishandles your funds. RUN AWAY NOW AND NEVER LOOK BACK! The school... Read more

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Hi! I was thinking of attending this school but was wondering if the classes offered actual textbooks that you could have at home like traditional campus classes to better your studies? What is the student:teacher ratio? What is the typical cost of tuition? What computer programs are needed to submit coursework? What's the turnover rate for advisors? How many classes are taken per... Read more

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So more than 5 months into my time with this institution and I have yet to see any award letter from their financial aid department. I have just contacted multiple attorneys in my area where I'd be searching for work to find none of them recognize the program, and colleges I have contacted are advising they won't accept any of the credits earned at NPC. I had read all the reviews I could... Read more

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